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Fireweed Jelly Recipe

Well we’re heading into the season of preserving. Of trying any which way to hang on to the delicate, limited flavor of a summer harvest. If you’ve followed this blog you will already know I am a fan of jams … Continue reading

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How to Manage a Maggot Infestation in a Very Much Alive Dog

Over the last couple weeks I have had my share of learning experiences. The kind that are learned by doing. By scrambling to figure it out in the heat of the moment. By putting aside anxieties, stresses, tolerances and stepping … Continue reading

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No Bake Steel Cut Oat Bars

I’m sure we’ve all done it. We’ve all that “ah ha” moment with some new food or meal we are going to start eating to get healthy. That food item that will revolutionize our entire day of food preparations and … Continue reading

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To Bee’s Wrap or not to Bee’s Wrap

Hey friends! And strangers! And how has the first week of May treated you? Wonderfully I hope! I committed myself to having a mellow week and so far so good. Last weekend I got a little out of control making … Continue reading

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How to Make a Ginger Bug for Traditional Sodas

Can you believe that tomorrow is May? May! The fifth month of 2017. That is one month away from halfway! I sometimes have to take a minute, have a breath, and swallow the anxiety that the year is passing right … Continue reading

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Homemade Dandelion Wine

A little over a year ago, early April weather was like summer and everything seemed to be a little ahead of schedule. The yard was covered with those lovely yellow flowers that most home owners grumble about, buying some toxic … Continue reading

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The Chicken or The Easter Egg

Good Easter morning! If you celebrate that sort of thing. If not, Good regular morning! I hope you have a full mug of coffee (or tea!) and a comfortable place to cozy up in. I hope that this Sunday finds … Continue reading

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Not Your Grandma’s Sourdough

Hello readers! Here I am again, putting pen to …..uh… well making words you can read! If you read my last post you know that I was finding dilemmas about posting here but I am resolved to make this a … Continue reading

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Sugar Free Applesauce

A few months back my fella and I decided to give cohabitation a go. Of course there was packing, listing and selling my condo, donating a large amount of things I owned to charity, cleaning, organizing, you know how it … Continue reading

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