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Hi! I'm breezy of breezydidwhatnow


Hi there! I’m Breezy. A nature loving, health inspired, do-it-yourself kind of gal from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I live in a little old farm house with my fella Curtis, our senile old dog Q and our three chickens, Attila the Hen, Princess Layer and Annie Yolkley.


The beast sharing snacks with the backyard chickens

Breezy Did What Now is a place where I share the interesting things, random things, silly things and even boring things I get up to on a regular basis. My goal is to inspire and inform all you wonderful readers in the chance that you should want to try something I’ve already done. Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from mine right?

Cutting off chive blossoms for vinegarMy main priority, and also passion, is providing healthy, nutritious, tasty food for my fella and I, and our animals. I find learning about how our ancestors provided nourishment for themselves and their families extremely interesting. The preservation of food, the nose-to-tail mentality, the eating local because it was all you could get. They survived without Starbucks and Pizza Hut, ranch dressing and ketchup. So I grow my own food and try my very best to buy from local farms, make my own sauces and use different techniques for preserving. With that said, I still pour the sugar into the pot to make jam just like my grandmothers did. I believe in balance.

Homemade mason bee log house   Raw apple cider after two weeks of fermenting    Flavor add ins for dairy free cranberry rosemary crisps   Canning cherry rhubarb jam

1978 Yamaha SR400 in Washington for the Anacortes Oyster Run

You will not only find ways to ferment things, can things and bake things here. You will also find diy crafts, tips and techniques, along with questions I just don’t have the answers for. I will share my experience from travels abroad or local road trips. Or maybe just my opinion on something. I put what tickles me here in hopes that it may tickle you too.


Snorkeling in Guadeloupe“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” I have no idea who said that but I firmly believe in it. I haven’t always made my own salad dressings, or fermented my own pickles. I still buy packaged broth and jarred mayo. But I’ve learned that it takes just one change. Something healthier, a little more natural, a little more homemade, a little challenging! So be curious, keep questioning and give something new a try!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy what you find here!

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