Freestyle Archery in Grand Forks

Archery target practice

The snow had started falling the previous day and I had been watching the road conditions. It sounded like the highway home was pretty slippery so I decided to put off the journey for one more day. With the extra time, Loni and I thought we should go out for some target practice.

A few years back I took a class on bow making. During the three day program I took a yew stave and transformed it into my flatbow. I have been shooting the bow ever since. All the sweat and blisters definitely creates a bond that you just can’t get with a store bought. It’s the traditional, natural aspect of that bow that I love.

Shooting my handmade traditional flatbow         Shooting my handmade traditional flatbow

And now Loni has a recurve of her own, so off we drove into the snowy hills with a truck full of bows, arrows and dogs.

The dogs excaping the cold in the back of the truck         Happy dog in the snow

The beagle in her coat in the snow

The big guys didn’t last very long, wanting to wait it out in the warmth of the truck. Only the little beagle braved it for the duration.

The loyal beagle during the target practice

My style over the years has been to drive into a field with a stuffed burlap sack and shoot at it. Not very structured, I know, but it’s worked for now. But Loni has a lovely, proper target which was a treat to shoot at.

Archery target practice in the snow

Archery target practice in the snow        Archery target practice in the snow

Archery target practice in the snow        Archery target practice in the snow

To shoot a bow definitely works specific muscles and if these muscles are not kept in shape with regular  practice they will fatigue. I don’t know about Loni, but with Christmas sneaking up so quickly, and the days being as short as they are, it was easy for me to find reasons to put off practicing. No fear though! We came prepared for breaks as well.

Bows and beers        Archery target practice in the snow

Archery target practice in the snow with beers

Taking a break in the snow                       Taking break in the snow

It wouldn’t be a freestyle shoot with out some brews. Taking a break, enjoying the scenery and just hanging out with friends creates a nice balance. Finding like minded people to enjoy your passions with is helpful in getting the most out of your sport. When we finally reached a point where we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore we called it a day. Putting off the trip home was a good idea. No time felt wasted on my little journey away.

Archery target practice in the snow with the dog

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