Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Day Trip

For the last two years, at the end of the riding season, my friend Steph and I ride our old bikes over to the sunshine coast for a day of twisty roads and swimming in a warm lake. I think this is becoming a tradition and have already started looking forward to doing it again with her. This year, Steph had an unfortunate event. Her beautiful little Honda CB350 had an engine problem. For the rest of the season her bike was out. But she got her hands on an old Yamaha SR500 to get her through. This year we would have matching bikes!

Two SR500's waiting for a ferry

The bonus of being a bike on a ferry is the first on, first off aspect! We pulled in behind a guy on a mint old Yamaha XS650. It was a clean, good looking machine.

Super clean Yamaha XS650 in the ferry line up.
We missed our planned ferry over but eventually made it to Ruby Lake.

Late summer swim at Ruby Lake

Afternoon Sun over Ruby Lake

We relaxed and chatted, swam and snacked. A close to perfect afternoon in my books. On the way back to catch the ferry home, we stopped to snap some photos of the bikes. It’s the same place we stopped last year and I’m thinking this will become an annual photo shoot!

Yamaha Sr500 customized in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast B.C

Yamaha Sr500 in the setting sun in Sechelt, Sunshine Coast B.C

Yamaha SR500 customized. Setting sun in the Sunshine Coast B.C

Yamaha SR500 in Sechelt B.C

Yamaha SR500 in Sechelt B.C on the Sunshine Coast

After our “photo shoot”, we hit up the gas station in Gibsons. We then realize that we have so far missed every ferry we have planned to take this day. We have a bit of a wait and if we manage to miss the next one, we will be looking for a room for the night. We head down into Gibsons to wander and explore while we wait for the final ferry.

A hunting heron in the Gibsons Marina, B.C

The sun setting over the sail boats in the Gibsons Marina B.C

A day ending in beautiful Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, B.C

Well we made our ferry home. This day with this lady is a highlight of my moto adventures in the summer. Next year will be just as great if not better! Thanks for the laughs and letting me chase you all over the coast on two wheels Steph! Until next year…

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